November 23, 2023

Home Office Ergonomics: Tips, Products, and Exercises

Specifically, your desk should fit your knees, feet, and thighs comfortably underneath. You shouldn’t feel that you have to press your legs together to fit, and your knees shouldn’t bang up against anything. If you can’t fit under the desk comfortably, try out a different “desk” until you find the right fit. The Cross-Functional approach provides support to functional-centered organizations. Sandalwood provides trained Project Managers who will become integrated within functional teams and work to manage projects from within.

work from home ergonomics presentation

At the office, you probably have access to or can order, plenty of items to help you achieve the most ergonomic setup. Whether in-person or virtual, our services can be tailored to provide the greatest value to your organization and employees. Sandalwood Project Management services can be rendered either in-person or virtually. Solutions typically take the shape of one of two standard approaches or a combination which is largely determined by the structure of the customer organization. Both approaches begin with a needs analysis workshop to determine the requirements and scope of support to be provided. Members of our Injury Prevention team live health and safety and it’s ingrained in the whole of what we are, what we do, and what we value.

Get the Right Height

Sometimes simple works, so we’ve included some DIY work-from-home hacks you can use with things you’ve probably got at home. Finally the ergonomist will create and deliver a report that includes what was identified, assessed and discussed as well as recommendations for moving forward. In most cases, ROSA will provide immediate information to assist employees with optimizing their home workstation. In situations where additional support is needed, Sandalwood is able to assist. For every 20 minutes spent looking at a computer screen, you should spend 20 seconds looking at something else 20 feet away.

In addition, you need to have enough space to move your legs and knees under the table when you are seated. A vast majority of the people working from home use computers, which also means staring at computer monitors for extended periods of time. Prior to the widespread pandemic, an increasing number of people had already been saying goodbye to feeling stressed – doing an exhausting daily commute to work. It comes as individual workers and businesses saw remote working’s potential.

Existing Home Office

When looking at the screen, your eye line should be level with the address bar on your web browser. If you’re not used to standing all day, don’t jump into the first day of a standing desk by using it for eight hours straight! Start with 30 minutes a day and gradually increase your standing time. This decreases the risk that you might develop leg, foot, or, you guessed it, back pain. Calorie blasting aside, some people like a standing desk because it’s something different, or it gives their back a rest from sitting in a chair all day. However, if you are going to use a standing desk, be aware that it does come with its own ergonomic risks.

  • You should be able to hold your neck straight and easily see the top third of the screen.
  • Specifically, your desk should fit your knees, feet, and thighs comfortably underneath.
  • Good ergonomic practices can improve employee health, productivity, moral, costs, and quality.
  • With our experience in an array of different industries, we are able to develop solutions to a multitude of ergonomic problems, and in turn, tailor those solutions to meet individual needs.
  • Sandalwood is also on the forefront of emerging technologies and able to integrate Motion capture, Wearables, and extended or virtual reality into your ergonomic program.
  • In most cases, ROSA will provide immediate information to assist employees with optimizing their home workstation.
  • People spend hours sitting and working, which can cause many problems when not given the right amount of attention to optimizing it.

As you type, your elbows should hang naturally by your sides without discomfort. Consider using a wrist rest to help achieve proper keyboard placement. If you don’t have one, a sock filled with rice will do, as will a rolled-up towel. We’ve got some advice on how to set up an ergonomic workspace at home. While it’s best if you can buy the right equipment, that doesn’t mean you have to.

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